The Qumulo API on GitHub

Qumulo's scale-out data storage solution is enhanced with our RESTful API. The API is built right into our file system. It's the foundation used behind the Qumulo web application and is used internally by our engineering team for testing, automation, and more. As a storage admin or storage user, you can use this programmatic power to:

This page summarizes Qumulo's current offerings on GitHub that compliment and enhance the power of your scale-out storage system. Visit our introduction, or dive into some of the deeper applications and examples below.

Getting started with the Qumulo API

Qumulo API Introduction - Read about the basic architecture of Qumulo's API and try out the following intros:

Deploying Qumulo in the Cloud

Qumulo Cloud Deployment Samples - Use these samples to get started creating a Qumulo cluster in the cloud, leveraging your favorite Orchestration technology.

Qumulo's Github repositories

Our GitHub repositories are organized into 3 categories. Each category includes code examples that demonstrate a variety of uses of the Qumulo API.

API-driven applications

Power tools

Python Jupyter notebooks